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March 26, 2019 02:03 AM


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Donate2Educate is a secure school donation website
Through the generosity of our sponsors, 100% of your donation goes where YOU decide.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I add my school?  The principal of any Oregon school can contact us by email, phone or postal carrier mail to let us know they are ready to become a Donate2Educate school.  See our Contact page for details. 

What type of school can be a Donate2Educate school? Any public or nonprofit school can in the state of Oregon is eligible to be a Donate2Educate school.  We are getting contacted by schools nationwide and are taking recommendations for future trial schools in each state.

Why does our school want to help sponsor Donate2Educate?  All sponsorship contributions are used to  support the services we provide.  The act of asking announces to your community the idea of Donate2Educate and begins the first step in creating a funding bridge between your classrooms and your community. 

What is Donate2Educate's Key to Funding Classroom Requests?
Communication and Collaboration! Donate2Educate is a tool that allows teachers to easily communicate their needs and wishes in a format for anyone and any organization to view. School foundations, Local & State Non Profits, Parent groups, Schools, Businesses, Parents, Families, Alumni, and other Individuals who feel education is important all collaborate to fund requests with new, gently used items, receiving grants and cash contributions.

Together community collaboration drives funding into classrooms without any one group having to do it all on their own. Together with a growing collaboration we can accomplish so much more and with less effort.

More FAQ's coming soon! Contact us and tell us what questions you have.

It makes me feel very proud of our community to know that there are people out there willing to financially or materially support our school through Donate2Educate with the simple goal of enriching a child's educational experience. Kimberly Miller, Teacher, Lincoln City, OR

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