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Donate2Educate is a secure school donation website



The website is designed such that teachers and staff of participating public and non-profit Schools can request funds and supporters may donate to the request of their choice. Each school is required to help locate $600 in sponsorships and provide documentation of their status as a non-profit public or private school before their requests will become live and able to accept donations on the website. All requests, donations, disbursements and related information will be tracked via the website. Schools are required to maintain their own records and to also thank donors.

Although this site provides links to other sites of potential interest, Donate2Educate does not in any way guarantee that the list of links is accurate, comprehensive or up to date. Donate2Educate does not have control over the content of the linked sites, and does not recommend or endorse any third party sites or the organizations they represent.


The Privacy and Security of Online Donations

Donate2Educate is a 501c3 nonprofit. We value the trust you place in us when you make a financial contribution. The protection of your privacy and security is important to us and taken very seriously. Therefore, we are providing this special privacy statement to tell you more about our information gathering and information sharing practices related to donations.

Policies and procedures are continually updated. Please refer to them often to be aware of changes and updates.


This site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All data (names, addresses, personal information and transaction donation information) is encrypted to ensure information safety. This encryption occurs as the data is transferred from your computer to our system. Once your information reaches us, it resides on a server that is protected by an electronic firewall and other industry-standard security technologies. The encryption of sensitive data is provided by the use of a Comodo SSL security certificate.


The contact information you enter will be used to:

  • Send you a receipt for your records
  • Send you an acknowledgment letter for gifts received
  • Send you information that you request
  • Contact you if we have a question when we are processing your gift
  • Provide information to foundation and/or school receiving your gift
  • School foundations and nonprofits may send year end reports and follow-up information
  • Email you annual giving information

If you make an online credit card donation, the credit card information you provide will be used solely to conduct your donation transaction.

If You Do Not Want Your Gift Publicized

Donate2Educate occasionally recognizes contributions in print and online (e.g., News articles, newsletter, and on the website). We do this to show our gratitude for your generosity and to inspire others to consider making a contribution. If you do not want your name publicized in association with your contribution, please check the box on the donation form to ask that your gift be anonymous.

You may also notify us of your preferences by contacting us:
    Phone: 1-877-272-5779
      PO Box 536
      Colton, OR 97017

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or about making a gift to requests on, please contact us at the addresses or phone number listed above.

If you use our site to link to other sites, please understand that we are not responsible for the privacy and security practices of these web sites. Links to a website does not indicate that Donate2Educate or any school shares values and/or opinions found on other sites.


Teacher requests can be submitted by all teachers and staff who have registered on the website and have a school email address within a sponsored school. Each school is requested to also have and a selected school volunteer. Volunteers may be non-school personnel who are approved in writing by the principal of the respective school. A volunteer who is approved to support the school will be given access for training purposes for the current school year only. If required, access must be re-approved the following school year.

All requests are submitted and must be approved by a school principal or designated authority at the school before the request can become live and able to accept donations on the website.

Requests may be submitted for as little as $5 including shipping and handling charges for processing orders. There is no maximum dollar level for a request. For amounts over $5,000 it is suggested that monies are sought through grants and other means to expedite funding of request. All requests must be approved by the respective school principal before it is visible on the website for donations.

Once approved, requests will be updated bi-monthly. Requests not updated will become suspended and no longer able to accept donations. Request for exception to this policy must be submitted in writing, and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by school principal, volunteers or School foundation involved and Donate2Educate. The request owner and principal will be notified via email as to the status of their exception request. Requests may also be closed or canceled at the request of the request owner or principal.

Unfunded or canceled requests; Donors will be given a choice of putting funds towards another request of their choosing or Donate2Educate board of directors will put funds towards another request of their choosing.


Credit card donors must register on the website. A valid mailing address and email address must be provided.

Passwords are user-identified and secure. Donor information will be used exclusively by Donate2Educate 501c3. schools receiving donations and if appropriate by nonprofit organizations including school foundations.

Anonymous donors will be respected. Only donation-specific queries will be made to these donors. Anonymous donors will not receive mailed thank you's or receipts. Anonymous donors may make donations in memory of or dedication to others. The person indicated will receive thank you's. For each donation, the donor may request to be contacted and make a decision or that contribution will be placed towards a like request if the request is not fully funded.


Donations may be made via credit card, PayPal or check. Credit card donations are posted on the website request automatically as soon as the donation clears the merchant account. Once check is received and Donate2Educate is notified, website administrator will indicate the check has been "received" on the website. Therefore donations via checks will not be applied to the request until "received" on the website.

Donations may be made for as little as $5. There is no maximum donation level, although for credit card donations of $2,000 or more it is requested that donor contact us before making donation.

Donations are to be posted on the website by the donor, or faxed to Donate2Educate 734-264-5584. Faxed donations will be entered on the website by the website administrator.


Requests are submitted for full funding via Donate2Educate. If funds are required before the request is fully funded through the website, the request must be made in writing. This request will be reviewed by volunteers and Donate2Educate board of directors on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the request owner will be notified via email and the request marked as "funded".

Once a request is fully funded, the website administrator will notify the request owner and principal via email. Notification will include the request number, title, dollars funded, donors, and key rules as well as asking if the indicated item is still desired.

When making purchases our volunteers seek discounts and coupons allowing the purchase of additional items or excess funds.  Excess or unused funds may be used for other current school requests on the donate2educate website at the discretion of Donate2Educate.


Fully funded items will be purchased by Donate2Educate using donor indicated funds and shipped directly to the school. Special arrangements can be made for purchases when requested at the discretion of Donate2Educate board of directors.

Purchases are the property of the school and or school district and must be marked as such. Teachers moving to a different school will need to contact school principal to decide if item will be left or taken to the new teaching location.

The website administration will indicate the dollar amount "disbursed" on the website monthly to each participating school.

When making purchases our volunteers seek discounts and coupons.  Any excess or otherwise unused funds may be used for other Donate2Educate requests at Donate2Educate board of directors discretion, including handing that responsibility over to responsible entities such as School administrators, Parent Groups, School Foundations or other Nonprofits.


Matching sponsorships may be for as little as $100. The amount can be applied as requested towards all schools, a chosen school district, school, category or individual project. Matching fund sponsors decide their financial obligation cap on their contribution to matching funds. There is no maximum sponsor level, leaving the amount to the discretion of the matching funds sponsor. 100% of the matching funds goes directly to match donations and held in a dedicated account decided upon by all parties until used.

Multiple sponsors for any length of time are possible. Matching fund sponsors will receive website recognition for a minimum of one year.

Matching funds sponsors are prominently displayed on the teacher requests being matched. At this time, to encourage sponsors, there is no set up fees for sponsors.

Matching funds are automatically applied once the donation is verified through the credit card vendor or receipt of a check. Matching funds will be applied upon receipt of the check by Donate2Educate or by the participating school. However, there is a one week grace period for checks. If matching funds amount is placed by credit card, credit card charges will be applied immediately. If received within the one week, the donation date will be honored. Matching funds for checks received outside of the grace period will be matched based on the receipt date of the check. Partial matching may occur if a donation exceeds the matching sponsorship level.

The sponsor will be notified at the end of the month of the total dollars that were matched and receipt indicating which requests the funds are tied to.


Donate2Educate allows you to directly influence an educational experience for students beyond current funding levels. Choose to donate to a particular project to provide educational, cultural, and/or developmental opportunities. Your donation goes where you decide.

You decide, upon making your donation, if for any reason a project is cancelled or fully funded another way, if you wish to have your donation placed towards another specific project, please indicate so when making donation or by contacting us directly,. Donations can be made by online by credit card, PayPal or by check mailed to Donate2Educate, PO Box 536, Colton, OR 97017. Schools also welcome items or funds delivered directly to their office. Let them know the name and or project number, so we can mark the project properly.

Before making credit card transactions over $2,000, please contact Darleen,, 877-272-5779 or contact the school you wish to donate to. Each request links to the school website for retrieving contact information.

Browse the approved projects, and decide. 100% of your donation goes to the project you select. Your tax deductible* donation WILL make a difference (*Please check with your tax advisor). Each donation receives an emailed receipt for tax purposes. Please contact us for special requests. Donate2Educate is 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to serving Public and Private Non-profit Schools and creating partnerships and awareness of community K-12 dedicated nonprofit organizations. is driven by volunteers, staff, fundraisers and sponsor contributions.

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