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February 19, 2019 08:02 AM


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Funded Projects for Colton Middle
Campus Reforestation
  Colton Middle School needs $75 for work gloves. Ever since the middle school was bui...
Digital Projector
  I teach both literature and writing classes here in Colton. The media culture of toda...
Hydroponics in the classroom
  I need at least 12 4' grow light tubes for fluorescent fixtures. We have a classroom...
Integrating Computer Literacy with Family and Consumer Sciences
  I would like to develop a new curriculum plan for Family and Consumer Sciences that c...
Roller Coaster Physics- Dry-Erase Student Boards
  These melamine 9"x12" white dry-erase boards will allow students to take notes and ma...
Roller Coaster Physics-- Building Model Kit
  Hands-on experiences are powerful ways to learn. This amusement park building set pr...
Roller Coaster Physics-- Sextants
  Sextants are excellent tools for the field observations of the sun, stars, and remote...
Roller Coaster Physics-- Survey Tapes
  These 30-meter wind-up tape measures will allow students to accurately measure baseli...
Scrabble Club
  I would like to begin a Scrabble Club here at CMS during this year's second quarter. ...
Small Kitchen Appliances (Blender): A BEST REQUEST WINNER
  I piloted a Family and Consumer Sciences class this year at the middle school during ...
Small Kitchen Appliances (Electric Burner)
  This request was fully funded by items being purchased and donated directly to the sc...
Small Kitchen Appliances (Hand Mixers)
  I piloted a Family and Consumer Sciences class this year at the middle school during ...
Students' Thoughts & Feelings on Paper
  I would like my students in Advisory class to each have a personal journal they can h...
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